Your New Favorite Home Goods Store

Visit The Farm Girl to find something for you

Instead of trudging through the same old aisles of a home goods chain store, stop by The Farm Girl. The Farm Girl knows that every home is unique, and we sell fabrics, locally made items, furniture and décor to reflect that. Visit our store in Buhl, ID today to find something for your home.

Browse through the Gallery page to see some of our items. If you find something you like, we can ship it to your home.

We sell a wide variety of items

The Farm Girl believes that you should love every part of your home and wardrobe. We offer a vast selection of specialty items to suit every style, including:

Fabrics, both on the bolt and off

Home décor, like lanterns and towels

Furniture pieces, like bookcases and coffee tables

Local items, including jams and artwork

Call today to ask an associate what we have in stock. If we don't have what you want, we'll special order it for you.

3 reasons to shop at The Farm Girl

The Farm Girl is dedicated to providing customers with a fun shopping experience, no matter what you're searching for. You should shop with us because:

  1. We sell local and handmade items that support the Buhl, ID community.
  2. We're flexible, and we can order items for you or ship them to your house.
  3. Our knowledgeable associates can help you find the right items and give you advice on your home projects.

Visit the Testimonials page to read what other customers have said about our store. You'll see why the Buhl community loves to shop at The Farm Girl.